Picking up the Hook Again

OK, I admit it. I fell off the crochet bandwagon.

Let’s face it. It’s been a brutal year. Like many, I lost focus. I felt like my creativity, like Elvis, had left the building. Simply put, I was in a serious slump.

Today I ran to a big box craft store to pick up a wooden crate and some paint for a fairly simple project. On the way out, I passed by the book display. Of course I stopped to look. I don’t think I have the strength to not stop and check out any book shelf in a store. I decided to pick up a book that looked interesting and thumb through it. The book? The Step-by-Step Guide to 200 Crochet Stitches by Tracey Todhunter. It definitely caught my attention.

The Step-by-Step Guide to 200 Crochet Stitches by Tracey Todhunter
The Step-by-Step Guide to 200 Crochet Stitches by Tracey Todhunter. (Source: Amazon)

After tucking that little find in my cart, guess what I did next? Yup, I wandered over to the yarn section. Now I can’t remember the last time I actually found, let alone purchased, yarn at this particular big box store. But I saw Caron Cloud Cakes and loved them! So yes, I’m inspired.

Now I’ll admit, I was thinking about starting a new project for a week or so. However, this particular visit to the craft store for a completely different project was enough to help me pick up the crochet hook and get me back on the crochet bandwagon.

So stay tuned as you will see more projects and plans from me. But I do wonder, with all that has been going on the last two years, have you kept up with your crochet? Did you lose your yarn mojo or did you use it as not just a creative outlet, but a respite from all that has been going on in this world?

If you have been in a slump like me, I urge you to pick up the hook (or needles) again. Winter is coming, so that means nights in front of a fire and cups of herbal tea. A crochet project is the perfect addition to a quiet night at home when it is cold outside.

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