Get Ready for Wool Walk 2023

Spring is starting to peek around the corner. The temperature is staying above freezing (for the most part), the crocuses are starting to emerge, and plans for the Wool Walk have been announced!

New Jersey Wool Walk

For those who aren’t familiar, The Wool Walk is a great way to both satisfy your fiber fanaticism while checking out “new” (to you) shops around New Jersey. This year a total of 22 shops are participating and you’ll be able to find some great places to visit in every corner of the state. This year it takes place April 26th – 30th.

A really fun part of the Wool Walk is the passport. You can purchase a passport at any of the participating stores while enjoying your Wool Walk. A passport entitles participants to a variety of discounts at each shop. Best of all, one dollar from every passport sale will be donated to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. So it’s the perfect excuse to shop for a cause!

It is safe to say we have all had a rough few years. Many individuals picked up crochet, knitting, spinning, and weaving to help stay sane while under lockdown. This year’s Wool Walk is a perfect way to meet new fellow fiber fanatics and show off your latest “finished object.” Not to mention it is a wonderful way to find some great new fiber and support such special local businesses.

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