Aquatic Crochet: Art Imitating Life

As I was mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed yesterday, I came across something that was actually pleasant and artistic. Moreover, it was on a page I would’ve never expected to see crochet patterns – the National Park Service.

Yes, the National Park Service.

National Park Service halibut crochet pattern
Facebook post from the National Park Service with their halibut crochet pattern. (Source: Facebook)

I had absolutely NO IDEA the National Park Service had crochet patterns. It is quite brilliant really. The page offers a step-by-step pattern to make your very own halibut. It includes images of pattern’s progress and assembly, as well as two articles about the species; one covers halibut tracking in order to understand their migration patterns and the other is about the marine-protected area of Glacier Bay.

So not only do you get a great (and free) crochet pattern, you learn about the highlighted species and how the National Park Service is working to protect these special places throughout the country. I absolutely love it.

I think the next time I visit one of our national parks, I’ll need to bring some yarn and a hook with me and make sure my art imitates the life before me.

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