National Crochet Month 2023: Artist Spotlight

Every March is special. No, not because of that basketball bracket. It is because it is National Crochet Month!

This is the perfect month to start a new project, pick up (and actually complete) a long-ignored UFO, or just find inspiration. Well, I would like to tell you about a wonderful source of inspiration.

Hello, Crochet Friends by Jonah Larson
Jonah Larson’s first book, Hello Crochet Friends (Credit:

Today I want to tell you about Johan Larson.

This incredibly special and artistic young boy taught himself to crochet at the tender age of five. Now at 11, he has published published multiple books, sells his original pieces, and has appeared on countless national television programs. What might be most laudable is his work with Roots Ethiopia, an organization focused on improving the quality of education for Ethiopian children.

I follow Jonah on his social media channels and love hearing about (and seeing!) his amazing projects and adventures.

If you are looking for inspiration to get started or try something new, I recommend you check out Jonah’s amazing work!

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