Finishing UFOs

As lock down has only been partially lifted here in Jersey, I am still busy crocheting. This time has provided me with some needed time to finish some UFOs (unfinished objects). I am happy to report I have finished two more projects recently!

The first project I completed was a blanket for one of my nieces. I used the rhombus blanket pattern, also known as an isometric pattern. It was definitely a challenge. As the project proceeded, certainly became a brain teaser! I finished it off with a simple shell stitch. I am very happy with the end result!

Rhombus Blanket

The second project I finished was a granny rectangle blanket. This was a small blanket I wanted to make for the official mascot for a radio show I listen to – The Dan Patrick Show. Their beautiful girl is named Penny and she oversees the boys that work at the show. It went in the mail last week and I can’t wait for them to receive it!

Penny’s Dog Blanket

I was happy to see two projects go from UFOs to, well… FOs! There are certainly a few more here to go.

I hope you are making progress on your UFOs!

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