Temperature Blanket Update: June

OK, I’ll admit it. I fell off the wagon with my temperature blanket at the end of July. Until just a short time ago, New Jersey was still under house arrest and it has been difficult to get various items; including the yarn I needed to stay up to date with my temperature blanket. By the end of July I became frustrated and just put it aside.

Luckily, I’m starting to get caught up.

My temperature blanket with June complete.

Yarn shops are now open with limited access and the supply chain has started to move again. I’ve finally been able to purchase much needed yarn so I could finish making and assembling all the squares for June. I am now working on July.

Hopefully by the end of August I’ll be back on track.

The blanket definitely continues to grow. It will be nice and warm when it is finished. It will certainly be an interesting memento of a very off-the-wall year.

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