Dear Santa: My Fiber Christmas List

As a child, I remember each December going to see Santa. I would do my best to make a pretty Christmas list using construction paper, stickers, crayons, and markers. Well, even though I’m an adult and Santa likes to keep his focus on kids, that doesn’t meant I can’t write a wish list anymore. Here’s my fiber Christmas list for 2019.

Crochet hook holder from Hornshaw WoodWorks

Crochet Hook Holder: Over the years I have collected several lovely crochet hooks. However, I’ve never had anything to show them off. As a result, they are in various hook bags. Instead, I would love to get a proper hook holder, like the ones made by Hornshaw Wood Works from Holland, Michigan.

Crochet Hook from Celtic Swan: Continuing on the crochet hook theme, hand-made crochet hooks are incredibly special. I love breathing life into a new project using a hand-made hook. The “best of the best” when it comes to hooks are lovely hooks made by Celtic Swan. These hooks are hand-forged in silver and are just lovely.

The Knitting Brigades of World War I: I really enjoy not just creating fiber art, but reading about fiber art. The book, The Knitting Brigades of World War I: Volunteers for Victory in America and Abroad tells the story of every day heroes that came together and used knitting to help provide for those who were serving overseas.

Interweave Crochet: I love receiving fiber-related magazines in the mail. While many have moved over to ezines, I still like to have a hard copy of a magazine in front of me. And I keep them so I can refer to them when needed. One of my favorite magazines is Interweave Crochet. This quarterly magazine always has great articles and patterns.

PLY Magazine: Another fiber magazine that may not be as well known as the Interweave titles, is PLY. What started as a Kickstarter program by the spinning community has flourished into a beautifully designed quarterly publication.

Stitch, Please: I love the use of geometrics in fiber work. I use them often when making free form pieces. That’s why when I came across the artwork of Jen Rondeau, I was just enamored! Her pieces use geometrics in an incredibly creative and colorful way!

Motivation: It may sound silly, but we all talk about needing more time in our lives and making it more productive, which goes hand in hand with motivation. For me, that means doing the things I love and spending time with the people I care about. I want to make concerted effort to use the time I have more productively so I can create more and enjoy the time I have with those that are most important to me instead of just mindlessly sitting on the couch in front of the television.

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