Meeting the Crochet Community

Not long ago I wrote a post about the community of fiber and how blessed I feel to be a part of it. Whether it is just chatting with someone in a LYS or meeting up with friends at Rhinebeck, that love of fiber is what brings us together. Well, yesterday I felt that community in action.

Last night a group of friends, my husband, and I went to a concert at a club in New York City. During the music, a light shined on a woman sitting near the stage. She was wearing a lovely silver crocheted hat with a red flower on the side. As I was walking out, she was close enough that I could stop her and compliment her on her hat. I could see she appreciated it and showed me she had added a beautiful rhinestone star pin to the middle of the flower. It. Was. Perfect! Another woman was with her and also had on an equally beautiful crocheted hat. We talked about yarn and finding things at thrift stores to embellish projects. I asked the usual question; “do you go to Rhinebeck?” In a matter of minutes, two strangers and I at a club in Manhattan became a mini crochet community.

And this is what I tell people about when they ask about why I crochet, spin, weave, and felt. It isn’t just the “making” of a project. It is the pleasure of meeting so many great people. It is the lack of fear of walking up to someone on the street to compliment them on a beautiful scarf because you know it is hand made. It is what makes our community special.

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