Fiber Goal: Temperature Blanket

Lion Brand Basic Stitch

As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my fiber goals for 2020 is to create a temperature blanket. Well, I started one the first of January.

As usual, after much research, I decided to go my own way. First, I needed to pick a yarn and color palette. I decided to use Lion Brand’s Basic Stitch. It has a great range of colors, is very soft, and is reasonably priced so it won’t cost a ton as I continue to need to purchase more as the months proceed.

Next I needed to pick a pattern. There are plenty of great ones available. I focused in on a great book that has been in my crochet library for years: 200 Crochet Blocks. I picked block number 101. Instead of mixing colors, however, each block is a solid color based on the high temperature of the day in my town.

I decided to do what is referred to as a “pixel” blanket online. Using smaller than average solid color squares, over time, it is meant to look like a group of pixels. Oftentimes, this concept is used to create blankets of a video game character, but I think this will look really nice for my temperature blanket.

I then set on tracking each day’s temperature. For that, I turned to technology. I set up a simple Excel spreadsheet with two tabs. The first tab lists the date, the temperature, the color I need to use, and a notation when I complete each square. The second tab is a key of the yarn colors and each color’s temperature range. So far I am happy with the way the colors look as I place the squares next to each other as I complete each day’s temperature.

My temperature spreadsheet

I will be sure to post my progress throughout the year. Not only will you be able to see my project proceed, it will help keep me on track!

So far the trickiest part has been to remember to make note of the temperature every day. Some days I make a square at night. Sometimes I let a few days go by and complete several in one sitting. Either way I am committed to sticking to this project for the entire year. I hope you enjoy following my progress!

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