Stitching for Australia

We have all watched the news of the extreme wildfires in Australia with extreme sadness. It has been truly heartbreaking to see so many neighborhoods destroyed and defenseless animals killed. Little koalas and kangaroos are coming out of their habitats looking for help from anyone they see.

Like many, I’ve watched helplessly and wondered what I could do to help.

Well, those of us who knit, crochet, and sew can now put our stitching skills to work to help those little critters in need.

The Rescue Craft Collective on Facebook and Instagram are looking for donations of mittens, nests, and rescue packs. They are also in need of monetary donations to help offset shipping costs, which can be quite high.

Our friends down under are doing all they can to fight the wildfires and care for the animals in the wild. They have put the word out asking for help. We now must put our collective stitching knowledge to work and answer that call. I hope you will consider checking out their website and social media pages, download the available patterns and do what you can. We all have SABLE (stash accumulated beyond life expectancy). Let’s all go through out piles of yarn and fabric and get stitching! If you can’t stitch, please consider making a monetary donation.

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