Maryland Sheep & Wool Goes Virtual

As much of the country remains in lock down, we have all had to learn how to adapt to this stressful time. For some it means working from home while managing to home school children. For others it could mean the loss of a job due to the closing of a non-essential business. Still others who have anxiety or depression may feel their symptoms increasing.

Sadly, many local businesses that are closed include our LYS (local yarn shops). Businesses like this are truly a labor of love. A number of these shops head to fiber festivals to reach a larger audience as well as catch up with fellow fiber friends. Sadly, one of the biggest on the East Coast was cancelled this year due to the pandemic; the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.

I went to the event once a number of years ago and couldn’t believe the enormity! There were plenty of shopping opportunities as well as an auction. It. Was. Amazing!

Luckily, the organizers came up with a way for all of us to still enjoy the festival – The Virtual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival!

This gives fiber fanatics who normally wouldn’t be able to attend to join in on the fun! The show starts tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. and runs through Sunday late afternoon. You can even purchase the annual Keepsake Catalog. I still have mine when I attended a number of years ago. It has great information and contact info for the different vendors. Your purchase will also help offset the printing costs, since they were already completed prior to the event’s cancellation.

So check out the Facebook page this weekend and join in on all the fun!

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