Temperature Blanket Update: April

As the United States is well into the second month of lockdown due to the Coronavirus. Like many, it is safe to safe I am doing a lot of crochet to help pass the time and stay sane. Despite my best efforts to stay up to date on my crochet temperature blanket, I will admit, it has been a challenge.

In New Jersey, craft stores and local yarn shops are closed. Some are offering curb-side pickup, but that hasn’t always been reliable. The majority of the month of April was in the 50s, so that meant I needed a lot of green. I placed an order for two skeins of the green yarn I’ve been using. After nine days, my order was ready for pickup.

My temperature blanked joined up to April 23rd.

I went through those two skeins immediately. I honestly never expected the lockdown to go on this long, so I didn’t order any more.

Well, we are still on lockdown here in New Jersey and it is getting quite difficult to get some items; yarn is one of them.

I have more green yarn on order from two different stores. I’ve been waiting on one order for just over two weeks; the other has been on order for about 10 days. Hopefully I’ll get one of the orders soon.

In the meantime, I continue to make squares so I don’t fall too far behind.

With any luck at all, we’ll be allowed to leave our homes in New Jersey by the end of May.

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