My 2020 Fiber Goals

This is the time of year when everyone starts to think about their goals for the coming year – resolutions, if you will.

Well, I think about not just what I would like to accomplish personally and professionally, but what I would like to accomplish to advance my fiber arts abilities and interests.

Here’s my list of 2020 fiber arts goals:

Stitch More, Surf Less: We have all learned that social media can be both interesting as well as a huge waste of time. I find great ideas for projects and can stay in touch with other fiber fanatics. The downside is that you can waste countless hours just scrolling instead of stitching. I plan to spend more time with a hook in my hand and less time sitting in front of a screen when time allows.

Temperature Blanket
An example of a palette for a temperature blanket. Source: poshpoochdesignsdogclothes.

Make a Temperature Blanket: I’ve wanted to do a temperature blanket for quite awhile. You knit or crochet one row per day of a blanket (some people prefer a scarf) in a color that coordinates with the temperature. You select about eight to ten different colors and you wind up with a beautiful variation of colors throughout the year. I just need to pick the yarn and my color palette.

Use up My Stash: Just like many other fiber fanatics, I have a SABLE (stash accumulated beyond life expectancy). My goal is to start to use the beautiful yarns I’ve collected over the years instead of constantly looking to acquire more yarn. Some are just small bits that would be perfect for a free form piece. Others are full skeins for small projects. I want to start to take them out and enjoy them as much as when I first purchased them.

Finish at least two WIPs: I also have several WIPs (works in progress), just as many other knitters and crocheters do. I want to finish at least two of my WIPs. One is quite important, as it is a gift for someone special. The second? Well, I’ll just have to pick one and get started.

So those are my 2020 fiber goals. What are yours? May you all have a wonderful, prosperous New Year full of happiness… and yarn.

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