Stitching Support During Coronavirus

It is no secret that a lot of people are stressed by the recent news of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Many are looking for ways to relieve stress when they are stuck in self-quarantine. Of course, I am turning to my fiber arts, which includes crochet, weaving, and spinning.

What I hope to do here is provide some suggestions on how we can all use our love of stitching to get through this stressful time dealing with the coronavirus.

Getting Started

If you haven’t crocheted before and want to give it a try, there are plenty of great resources available. If you learn from watching videos, check out It’s Crochet O’Clock on YouTube. She offers a variety of videos that begin with a simple chain and move on to basic stitches, to advanced stitches, to lovely projects.

Spindle Spinning

You can’t start on your path of crochet without some great books. Here are some great recommendations:

Blogs & Groups

There are a TON of blogs and groups that can help you when you get stuck. There is a wonderful community of fiber artists out there just waiting to help!

Here are some very useful and interesting blogs (besides mine, that is):

There are also some wonderful groups you can join (for free!) and talk with fiber fanatics from around the world, coronavirus or not.

I hope you find these suggestions useful and as you crochet, or spin, or knit, or whatever else you are using to reduce your stress. What is most important is that we all work together to get through this crisis. May your stitching from you strength and relief.

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