National Crochet Month

March is a great month, in my opinion. We start to leave behind the cold of winter and head full steam into the rebirth of spring. March is also a great month because it is National Crochet Month!

Ready to start a new project? Maybe finish a project? Learn a new skill? Not sure where to begin? Check out Crochetville for this year’s blog tour. The annual blog tour can help you with all the questions I just listed. If you are not familiar, Crochetville is a great place to chat on a forum, learn a new skill, or check out a patter to start a new project. During the month of March, they have guest bloggers every day that cover a variety of topics. You will also get to learn about a lot of new designers, hobbyists, and references. I look forward to the blog tour every year.

I hope you will use this month to kick start your crochet and check out the blog tour!

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