Temperature Blanket Update: August

OK, I admit it; I fell off the wagon with my temperature blanket. The continued difficulty purchasing the yarn I needed had my frustrated, so I set it aside for a bit. I did what I normally do – started a new project.

August crochet temperature blanket
Assembling squares for August

Over time, however, I knew I wanted to get back to it. It sat in the corner of the living room with a tote bag full of yarn waiting to be picked up again. So I took a different approach. Instead of trying to do the squares in order and waiting for yarn deliveries, I just started to make squares. For example, I knew I had a lot of days in the 80s in August, so I just started to make yellow squares. There were a few days in the 90s, so I made orange squares. Then when my maroon yarn finally arrived, I went back to making those squares for the days when temperatures only hit the 70s. Finally, I went back and completed my joins.

I was able to complete August last week and am well on my way with September squares. My goal is to get all the needed September squares finished and assembled before the end of November. Obviously, I won’t have it done on December 31st, but my hope is to have it complete by the end of January 2021. Every crocheted square is one step closer to hitting my goal!

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