Temperature Blanket Update: July

I’m slowly getting caught up on my crochet temperature blanket. Thankfully, many stores have yarn available and you can now go into the stores in New Jersey instead of waiting for curb-side pickup.

Over the last few months there were a lot of days in the 80s, which required a lot of Mustard on-hand. This weekend I picked up another three skeins. Hopefully that will get me through August and at least part of September.

As I mentioned previously, this blanket will be huge! I definitely could’ve made my squares in three rounds instead of four.

My spreadsheet is certainly helping to stay organized. If you decide to do a temperature blanket in the future, whether it is knit or crochet, I highly recommend you have a way to track the temperature each day, when you completed a square, and when you joined it to your blanket.

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