Temperature Blanket Update: January

Now that January has come to a close, I wanted to share an update on my temperature blanket. As I shared earlier this year, one of my fiber goals was to create a temperature blanket to represent the weather each day of the year. I’ve been hard at work staying up to date with my project. So far, I’m happy with it; sort of.

As I began to create the squares, I quickly realized I needed to find a way to track my joins. What I decided to do was add one more column to my spreadsheet with a “J” for join. As I joined each square to the blanket, I marked it off with a J.

While I measured everything out before I started, I don’t think I realized exactly how huge this blanket would be once complete. I. Mean. HUGE. It will easily work as a blanket for a king size bed. I’m wondering if I should’ve done just three rounds instead of four for each square. It might have held more of the “pixel” look I was looking for overall. But I think in the end, it will still look OK.

I also want to make sure I keep up with weaving in ends as I go. There are few things I hate more when working on a project than weaving in ends. I certainly don’t want to leave them all until the end and spend a week doing nothing but finishing.

Overall, I’m happy with my progress. Stay tuned for my update at the end of February.

January’s squares all assembled. The first day of the year is all the way to the left.
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