Saying Goodbye to a LYS

Today was the end of an era. Another LYS (local yarn shop) has closed down and said goodbye to its community. For years, the Fiber Arts Yarn Shop in Cape May, New Jersey, has provided fiber fanatics with yarn, books, hooks, and more. Every year when my husband and I go to Wildwood Crest for vacation, we always stopped by the shop to make a few purchases. It was always a pleasant visit and part of the vacation I always enjoyed.

A visit to Fiber Arts Yarn Shop

Today, Fiber Arts Yarn Shop closed… forever.

Sadly, the building where the shop was located was sold and the owners were left with little time to make a decision how to proceed. Ultimately, they decided retirement was the best option.

Fiber Arts Yarn Shop has been open to help knitters, crocheters, and weavers for 33 years. I am very sorry to see them go. I don’t know if anything could’ve been done to help the shop stay in business. However, it is an important reminder to support your LYS. Don’t always go to the big box store for your yarn and supplies. These are important small businesses that play a key role in our communities.

I hope the owners enjoy their retirement and know how many thousands of fiber enthusiasts they have helped and served over the years. You will truly be missed.

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