Temperature Blanket Update: Mission Accomplished

It may have taken far longer than I ever expected, but I finally finished my 2020 temperature blanket. It was a wonderful, as well as frustrating, project. I definitely learned a few things from it. In case you ever consider crocheting or knitting a temperature blanket, here is some food for thought.

Crochet temperature blanket
My completed blanket

Measure once, twice, five times: This blanket. Is. Huge! It is the size of a king-size comforter. Each square is four rounds. In hindsight, I could’ve gone with three rounds and still had a very nice size blanket.

Have a lot of yarn on hand: Who could’ve possibly ever guessed we would wind up in the middle of a pandemic while I was working on a temperature blanket. The closing of craft stores in New Jersey and the supply chain issues everyone experienced made it incredibly difficult to get the yarn I needed. I ultimately ended up with leftover yarn, but hey, I’ll just add it to my stash.

Weave in your ends as you go along: I will fully admit it. I absolutely hate weaving in ends. While every hand-made item from my Grandmother and my Aunt Ann never had an end come unraveled, I have never figured out how to make that happen. I started out weaving in the ends a few squares at a time. Then I moved to one month’s worth of squares at a time. Then I completely fell off the wagon. The last month of my project was spent weaving in ends. If you do decide to do a temperature blanket, whether you decide to do squares, rows, or another pattern, know you will be weaving in 365 ends.

Crochet temperature blanket
One of my many piles of ends.

Be patient: This is a long-term project. Don’t be surprised if you walk away from it for a bit. There are moments you will feel it is incredibly tedious. Like I said, I found myself getting frustrated when I couldn’t get the right yarn I needed. I would work on it in spurts. Consider this a long-term WIP.

In closing it is a neat way to remember a specific year and I don’t think any of us will ever forget 2020. Maybe think about doing this for a happy year, such as the year of a wedding, or when you (or a family member) is heading to college or having a baby. One thing is for sure; I am definitely happy with how mine turned out!

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