Temperature Blanket Update: November

Yes, I am guilty as charged. I am still working on my temperature blanket. It feels like the closer I get to the end, the slower I get. A friend recently posted a schematic that I’m sure many fiber fanatics will understand the concept:

crochet project schematic

Yeah, I thought so.

granny square crochet for temperature blanket

I’ve developed some great new ideas in the last few months, so I must admit it has been hard to stay focused on finishing this project. I also have another large project deadline looming, so I really need to get moving on things. As I am sure you all know, there are moments when it is hard to stay focused on just one project and it seems like it is too easy to get distracted when you have other wonderful yarns at your fingertips!

I have attached all the November squares and am well into creating December squares. A few nights ago we lost power, so I used that time to sit on the deck, enjoy an adult beverage, and get some squares done.

Ultimately, I need to buckle down and stay focused. I should’ve had this done months ago. I think there are just some projects that feel like they might always be UFOs, but I’m determined to make this an FO!

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