Virtual Fiber Festival: 2021 Maryland Sheep & Wool

Even though we are slowly starting to return to normal in parts of the United States after a crazy 2020, some things are not ready just yet. One of the events that isn’t quite ready to be held in person is the beloved Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

Once again the Maryland Sheep & Wool is virtual. While it is kind of a bummer that we all can’t be together, in a way it is awesome that people who aren’t normally able to check out the vendors at the show can see all that is wonderful at the Festival at the click of a button! The best part? It all starts tomorrow morning!

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival logo

There are plenty of free events and demos as well as classes available. Of course I always look forward to all that is wonderful from the vendor marketplace. And since it is virtual, you don’t need to worry about the weather or feeling like a pack mule by the end of the day. Just make your purchases and they will be shipped to you, easy as pie.

I also suggest purchasing a catalog. First, it is a great source of information to have on hand for the next year (and beyond!). Second, it will help support a great show when they need the support the most. Best of all, it is only $5.00 and well worth the money.

I get it. It isn’t the same. And yes, I’m just as frustrated as everyone else. I miss going to fiber festivals, ooooohing and aaaaaahing over the wonderful projects people are wearing and knowing everyone there is your friend. I mean seriously, have you ever seen someone sad at a fiber festival? But next year, God willing, we will all be together again. In the meantime, get online this weekend and join in on the fun!

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