Temperature Blanket Update: October

Just as the winter in New Jersey continues to linger, so does my crochet temperature blanket. I have successfully finished October and have moved on to November.

October squares all attached.

Thankfully, I am finally able to get yarn as needed, as supply chains begin to return to normal. At some point, I’ll need to take a day and weave in a lot of ends. When it is finished it will certainly be a warm blanket and will easily fit a king size bed.

I will say I am disappointed I fell so far behind with this project. A tough 2020 coupled with a difficulty acquiring the right yarn has certainly made this project a challenge.

It has been a long time since I took on such a large project. It is important to remember when starting something of this magnitude, be it a blanket, a long-term timed project, or something similar, there will be moments you will put it down and walk away from it. And it will happen for a variety of reasons. The key is to pick it back up. That’s how you turn your UFOs into completed projects! So make sure you stick with it.

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